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BETAM provides complete solutions for the security services requirements for facilities of organizations, businessesand communities in the UAE. The company works closely with organizations to take care of all their security needs.

Let us take a look at what is covered under the security services provided by BETAM.

  • Assessment of the requirement of security services – We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements of security services. We study their business, activity at the building and the possible threats.
  • Providing security solutions for our clients – After assessing their needs, we work with our clients to customize the security systems strategy to their requirements.
  • CCTV – the closed-circuit televisions are very important for the security of a building. These days CCTVs are installed at the entry of a building and all critical places inside. They give a video recording of all activities in a building. Thus good CCTVs are very important for the safety of a building and its residents. The recordings help in getting a real-time scenario vis-à-vis the activity in and security of a building.
  • Physical security arrangements include the deployment of guards in a building at all important access points. It is important to have a good team of guards to ensure safety.

BETAM ensures that it provides the best security systems to organizations.

BETAM is the leading company dealing in security services in the UAE. The Company provides the best strategy with trained people. Our security services are the best in the UAE. We have a highly qualified team of professionals who ensure that our services meet the specific needs of our clients. Our customer service team is available 24×7 for resolving their concerns.

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