What Makes A Good Contracting Company?

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It is extremely important to get a very good MEP contracting company for any kind of a set-up, be it commercial, industrial or residential. A company that works transparently with the latest technology works out to be the best choice. Let us see what can and should be part of the repertoire of a good contracting company.


The years the company has been in contracting services and how well it understands the market makes for the experience of a company. The number of years has to be combined well and efficiently with the grasp of the company on the market requirements and movement.

Technical knowledge of the team

The grasp of the team on the required technical knowledge, and their expertise in their field. They need to be clued in to the latest developments and how it all fits into help them resolve the concerns of their clients. The team should be able to use the knowledge well for customized solutions for its clients.

Customer Service

Good contracting companies place a lot of emphasis on customer service. They ensure that they are available 24×7 to their clients. They also provide real-time solutions to resolve the concerns and requirements of their clients.

Design and implementation strength

A good contracting company will have tremendous capability in design. They will have a team of qualified people on the job. It will also show strong implementation capabilities. It should be able to effectively and efficiently implement its designs end-to-end and on time.

Their designs should be in sync with the latest technology built on a sustainable platform ensuring a low carbon footprint. Well suited to the clients’ requirements, be cost-effective and sustainable.

Professional maintenance services

A good MEP company should provide guaranteed MEP maintenance to their clients. This includes timely delivery of quality and reliable services, periodic audits of the entire MEP system, repairs and replacement of required parts and finally calibration of the system.

Market opinion on the good contracting companies should be high. They should be able to provide positive references and recommendations.

A good contracting company should also provide a wide variety of MEP services. That enables the customer base to work with a single company for design and maintenance.

One of the leading contracting companies in the UAE is BETAM. It is ISO certified and committed to high-end design and comprehensive implementation solutions that are built on the latest technology and are eminently sustainable.

BETAM has a highly qualified and talented team across all the required specialties. We believe in customized solutions for our clients and being available for them 24×7. We work on internationally accepted standard operating procedures and follow all quality and product design standards.

BETAM provides services to their clients:

  • MEP services
  • Facility Management Services
  • Energy Management Services
  • Civil Contracting
  • Civil Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts

All these services are provided by a team of experienced engineering personnel and technicians who offer round the clock service. BETAM promises reliable services through its experienced team and timely response to customer demands which are supported by the company’s strong quality policies.


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