Importance of Energy Retrofit Works

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BETAM provides total facility management services across all industry sectors to commercial and industrial establishments. BETAM has experience more than four decades and understands the intricacies of comprehensive facility management. BETAM provides maintenance services 24×7, managing over 25000 assets across the UAE.

Renovating, retrofitting and refurbishing existing buildings in order to improve and enhance the energy performance of the commercial building assets for their entire life duration. Retrofitting any structure means that there are modifications done to the existing commercial buildings. This may result in a decrease in energy consumption and often improve energy efficiency.

To install distributed generation in a building requires the retrofit of the complex which means electricity can be generated in or around the area where the set-up is installed. Solar electricity is one such example. Such energy-efficient retrofits result in a reduction of operational costs, energy efficiency, and environment safety. Older buildings can get a facelift that can enhance their market value.

Why is the retrofitting of a structure required?

It helps in decreasing the possibility of damage to a structure due to any reason. It works to improve the strength and lifespan of a structure. Energy-efficiency retrofits can reduce the operational costs, particularly in older buildings, as well as help to attract tenants and gain a market edge.

BETAM gives complete solutions to any such requirements. It has a team in place that comprises of experts who have a deep understanding of the market, understand the needs of their clients and provide customized solutions to their clients. BETAM uses the latest technologies for all their energy management solutions.

BETAM exhibits expertise and considered as one of the best energy retrofit companies in the UAE. Its team of experts comprising certified professionals including engineers, technicians, managers, sales personnel, customer care personnel and all are highly qualified and committed. They work hard to fulfil their commitment to their clients to give them the highest level of customized solutions to help them achieve energy efficiencies.

BETAM assures of 24×7 support and quickest response to its clients.


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