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Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) units are an extremely important part of any building. The units are designed to manage the flow of hot and cool air in the desired space and keep the temperature under control. The HVAC units make a building space comfortable. If these units are not installed and maintained properly, it can affect their efficiency and energy consumption.

In commercial and industrial set-up the HVAC units are much bigger. The installation and maintenance is a bigger job that requires the expertise of a specialist. One should always get HVAC works done from a reliable company.

BETAM is one of the recognized companies in Dubai which provides reliable HVAC works with all other MEP services. The Company comes with below features:

  • A team of highly skilled experts who know the job thoroughly.

They study the requirements of the client, understand the mechanics of the location, suggest what is required and only then undertake the job.

  • A guarantee of undertaking both installation and maintenance of the HVAC units. This proves to be very helpful in the long run.
  • A guarantee of use of standard operating procedures as per international standards
  • Customer care team is available 24×7 for the clients. Professionals are available to handle your queries and concerns.
  • An assurance that they will follow up with you for maintenance and servicing requirements. That way, it is guaranteed that no schedule is missed.

HVAC works in Dubai have seen so many changes over the years. BETAM always ensures to use highly technical and service method updates for the better.

BETAM is ISO certified company and offer the dual expertise of Design & Build MEP, Facilities Management and Energy Management Services under one establishment.

Visit the BETAM website for more details and connect.


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