Benefits of routine air conditioning service!

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Overview:  What are you doing to make sure that the air conditioner installed in your building is in sound condition? An AC will keep you comfortable in long, hot and scorching summers and will make your stay in building a pleasant one. It is important that you do a proper and regular servicing of your AC unit in order to ensure that they run smoothly and doesn’t get damaged causing you to spend a lot of money on the costly repairing of the AC parts. Therefore, it is highly mandatory for anyone to maintain a proper servicing routine of the AC unit.

Various companies provide air conditioning services in Dubai that can be very helpful in maintaining you AC unit in a sound condition. BETAM is one such leading company in Dubai in providing quality air conditioning services. Regular maintenance and servicing of HVAC system gives you a lot of benefits, few of them are mentioned below:

Save money on energy bills:  AC maintenance services provided by BETAM, helps your AC system to work more efficiently. When there is less hindrance in the working of the cooling unit it consumes less energy. This in turn saves you a lot of money on the utility bills. You might require giving a quick servicing to your AC unit if you have noticed certain increase in the amount of electricity bills without any changes in your cooling habits.

Avoid unexpected repairs:  Repairing of an AC unit is always quite expensive and unfortunately the breakdown in the system will always take place on the hottest summer day. One of the easiest ways to avoid costly repairs is to get your system regularly serviced by a competent company like BETAM at affordable rates. Your AC can go a long way if inspected regularly by a licensed technician that is highly professional and well-versed in its task.

Better cooling:  To get maximum cooling from your AC unit, the unit is required to work efficiently in providing sufficient cooling when required. AC units that makes sounds, takes time to start, and emit out lukewarm air are not good ones. Get your AC unit serviced and inspected at the end of each summer season to maintain their efficiency.

BETAM is a leading company that provides effective maintenance and cleaning services for AC units, ducts, and HVAC systems. We are determined to give you the best air conditioning service in Dubai that is authorized, reliable, and affordable.


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