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Most of the MEP maintenance companies focus on meeting the requirements and expectations of their customers. Client requirements have been the driving force in the diversification of MEP services. MEP maintenance company share internal knowledge, invest in technology and forcefully seek new ways to deliver projects and services, and are the most powered-up mechanical and electrical specialist in Dubai when it comes to quality and professionalism. They are mechanical specialists providing one-stop solutions for all mechanical maintenance contracting works in several regions of the world.

BETAM is proud in what we do in terms of quality and professionalism. As MEP services specialists, we understand that production with mechanical is a high-risk activity and they must protect their team and the end-user from any potential mechanical hazard. We are focused on providing not only proper hardware but also regular training for team members, equipping our team with the know-how to perform all installations in a safe and expert manner. We are a certified company & a subsidiary of Bin Dasmal Group. Being one of the leading MEP Maintenance Company in Dubai, we are always passionate about the maintenance services and committed to the clients.

We have a proven track record of having provided services in the areas of mechanical, electronic, plumbing industries by doing a proficient job of maintaining services and providing on-site mechanical and electrical constructing maintenance solutions. Our clients enjoy peace of mind expressive that their services are managed by their experienced and seasoned professionals. This is how we’ve built up the reputation over the years. Our mindset is such that, a, partnership is a good way forward in organize to provide as the foundation for long-term maintenance Facilities with our clients.

Our established presence in many regions has added benefit for several clients to seek value-added collaborations. To meet the client standards and needs BETAM execute their maintenance services under the limelight of the many principles by providing efficient maintenance services & approach. We provide the response to customer needs and fulfilling it at right time Quality service to deliver high-quality Maintenance services by utilizing latest technologies available in the market. You’ve already got to the best MEP Maintenance Company in Dubai, if are working with BETAM Company.


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