BETAM, The Leading Name In Fire Fighting Systems

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In any facility, the fire fighting systems need to be in perfect order for its safe functioning. The fire fighting systems are equipment that is used to extinguish, prevent or even localize a fire. They include the fire alarms and the fire fighting equipment like foam generators, pipe nozzles form, water sprinklers etc. They are important to prevent and extinguish or suppressa fire. The suppression equipment uses a combination of chemicals to extinguish a fire. Fire sprinklers are also used extensively.

A fire has the potential to cause a lot of damage to property and people. It is therefore important that the fire fighting systems are of best quality and certified. It is also very important to keep it well maintained and serviced at all times. Imagine a scenario where there is a potential fire that could cause a lot of hazard in a building and the firefighting systems are either malfunctioning or do not function. This loss cannot be measured.

BETAM is one of the leading companies that is involved in the maintenance of fire fighting services in the UAE.  The services include maintenance of fire alarm and the detection system which are according to the local authority regulations. Maintenance of fire pumps, testing of fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems are also included in their services. All such services ensure the client’s safety.

BETAM has been in Facility Management for many years and it ensures the best support in maintenance of the fire fighting services in buildings with its experienced team. The team ensures that the firefighting equipment remains in perfect working condition.

The Company also leads in the maintenance of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing systems, civil maintenance, other building structures like swimming pools and garbage shuts, low voltage systems maintenance, cleaning services and all preventive and reactive maintenance.

BETAM has a professional team of engineers, technicians and customer service executives and are committed to 24×7 maintenance services.

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