Chilled Water System Maintenance Tips

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Proper chiller system water installation and working these chillers at peak performance will save energy and maintenance costs. Maintenance of daily logs, proper treatment of water and clean tubes are few maintenance tips that will extend the equipment life and improve its energy efficiency. Chiller system water installation is a substantial capital investment and are the single largest energy users in many industrial and commercial facilities. Proper installation of chillers facilitates the comfortable distribution of cool air throughout large spaces while paying attention to cost efficiency.  Comprehensive maintenance is critical to ensure the reliability and efficient operation of the system. Chilled water systems installed in industrial facilities have tighter operational resistances, which makes regular servicing and maintenances more critical than ever.

Tips for proper chilled water system maintenance:

Daily operating log: Daily chilled water system performance should be recorded in an accurate and detailed log and compare the performance to detect any problems or inefficient control set points. This will help to maintain a history of its operating conditions, which can be reviewed and analyzed later to identify potential problems.

Keeping the tubes clean: Heat transfer efficiency has the greatest single effect on chiller performance andlarger systems contains lengthy tubing. Keeping these larger tubular surfaces clean is essential for maintaining the performance and energy efficiency of the system. When these tubes become fouled and filled with contaminants, the chiller efficiency deteriorates. Annual cleaning of these tubes is recommended by most manufacturers.

Adequate refrigerant charge: The cooling provided by the chilled system depends on the amount of refrigerant it moves through the compressor. It is thus very important to maintain a proper level of refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks will reduce the reliability and efficiency of the system. Taking adequate refrigerant charge is vital.

Checking compressor oil: Oil filter should be regularly checked for pressure drop and replaced if necessary. The condition of compressor oil can reveal any problems present with the compressor. The presence of excess moisture in compressor oil can interfere with chiller performance, reduce its efficiency and life span. 

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