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Ducts are the most important parts of all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. These ducts play a crucial role in delivering fresh air by removing dirt and debris from the air. In ventilation, ducts regulate the exchange of air from the outside to the inside of space to ensure temperature maintenance and indoor air quality. If you are looking for the best quality ducting works in Dubai, BETAM is available here with its proficient team of expert technicians.

How does it work?

The duct system is highly suitable to be used for distributing heated and cooled air in the different rooms. This unit has two main air transfer system first one is to supply and second is to return. The supply side delivers the conditioned air to the building and on the other hand return side withdraws inside air and delivers it to the air handler system.

Benefits of duct system:

  • The duct system acts as the most efficient cooling appliance that used for supplying and ventilating an air of all the rooms of the multi-storeyed buildings. These duct systems are highly suitable for large buildings like hotels, apartments, shopping complexes, commercial buildings, etc.
  • These ducts need a small number of your monthly utility bills.
  • Generally, these systems are installed on the roof of each room so that there is no need for any extra space. We have a team of expert technicians and professionals who are able to install these duct systems easily by reducing the risk of any related accident.
  • Whether it is winter or summer, these ducts facilitate for consistent interior comfort.
  • These ducts circulate air in your home multiple times in a day.

Why it is essential to clean duct systems?

As everyone knows, duct systems are used for supplying and ventilating the air. All the time, your ducts create their own inner lining of dirt and debris which are circulated throughout your home with air. In this case, your air conditioning system needs to work harder to cool and heat your building. Air duct cleaning refers to the removal of dirt and contaminants within the duct system. We offer a wide range of duct cleaning services to our valuable clients in order to give them favourable living environment.

BETAM is a leading ISO certified company that offers effective maintenance and cleaning services for AC ducts systems across the UAE region.


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