Home fixtures that Help Protect the Environment

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Protecting the environment through sustainable construction methods is a major concern nowadays, and MEP contracting companies in UAE are increasingly following eco-friendly methods and techniques. Following eco- friendly methods during the construction process help to reduce the environmental impact of the residential sector.

When eco- friendly design features are deployed in homes and multifamily buildings, they often result in bringing economic benefit to society. For instance, energy-efficient construction methods lead to reduced electricity and gas bills, while water conservation measures adopted by the MEP companies reduce the corresponding water bill. Environmental sustainability is gaining importance in today’s economy and adopting the above measures can make your property more valuable in the real estate market.

Installation of the smart HVAC system will prevent energy wastage due to leaky ductwork, air leaks, imperfect insulation, etc. This will adversely affect the heating and cooling efficiency of the home. For energy optimization and improving the HVAC equipment performance, providing adequate insulation for the building is essential. Using renewable energy sources is also important. These resources from natural sources will be available in the future as they are naturally replenishing. 

Water-efficient fixtures are beneficial for the environment and for reducing your utility bill. Sustainable practices adopted by the MEP companies include the adoption of water conservation home features such as low flow faucets adapters, efficient toilets, etc. This will save money and water and create a positive environmental impact.

BETAM provides reliable MEP services in UAE with the help of a team of experienced and skilled technicians and engineers. The company is known to provide reliable environment-friendly MEP contracting services in the market. They are an ISO certified company with over four decades of experience in MEP and civil works. Their services include civil and MEP installation, maintenance, refurbishments, etc. for multiple sectors including commercial, residential, and industrial sectors.


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