How Often You Should Get Your Ducts Cleaned?

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What are Air Ducts?

Ducts in an HVAC system, are the essential part that helps the distribution of heated and cooled air. They distribute the conditioned air into the venue and return the inside air to the Air Handler System.

They’re designed keeping in mind the structure of the area where the system is and the requirement. They should be well fitted, well-insulated and made of the best raw materials.

Ducts are used in commercial as well as residential buildings. They’re installed on roofs, thereby saving on additional space requirements. They ensure a good supply of conditioned air and help with ventilation and function in any temperature conditions.

Should Ducts be cleaned and serviced?

It’s extremely important that Air Ducts are serviced, cleaned and maintained at regular intervals by experts. As Ducts help with the passage of air, there is a high chance of dust and debris accumulating on the Duct surface. Consequently, the formation of molds and mildews on the ducts is likely. This facilitates the passage of the same and germs inside the venue. That can result in illnesses and allergies for the people occupying the venue.

The accumulated dust and debris clog the duct surface, thereby, slowing down the HVAC system. Reduced efficiency results in higher energy expenses.

When do you need to clean the Ducts?

  • When there are dust, dirt, debris or any molds in the vent, ducts and filters
  • Smelly air comes from the vents
  • If there are pets at the venue
  • When there has a venue remodelling/renovation
  • When there has been a move into a new venue
  • If there has been any kind of high-intensity chemical spray at the venue
  • If the occupants of the venue show symptoms of allergies/ illnesses that do not abate soon

Duct cleaning should be done on regular basis at least once in a year for healthy indoor air. However, if there are circumstances like the ones mentioned above, it is definitely time to consult experts from Duct cleaning companies for Duct servicing and cleaning.

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