What is included in a complete HVAC maintenance checklist?

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Why it is important to maintain your HVAC system?

Many of us might say that it is a part of keeping the unit efficient, that’s true, but there are several other advantages one can get from regularly maintaining the HVAC system.

Having a regular maintenance of your HVAC system can save you a lot of time and money and can improve the working efficiency of the unit. You wouldn’t not like, even imagine your situation in the dead of the winters and your heat pump fails to perform or a scorching summer hot day and the AC unit malfunction. It is very tiring and stressing to find a reliable and affordable company in Dubai that provides quality maintenance services. But this is the most basic step towards maintaining the HVAC system. One must consider contacting a reputable company like BETAM in Dubai for their HVAC maintenance to avoid costly repairs.

Importance of HVAC maintenance:

In an average building, be it commercial or residential the HVAC systems and the lighting are the major sources that consume most of the energy. Although there are certain technologies been developed and automation systems being installed in the buildings to reduce the energy consumption, maintenance can do wonders to it. Maintaining your system with the help of a reliable company can greatly impact the amount of energy being consumed by the system by the use of the HVAC equipment. Here are some of the important steps that are to be followed during the maintenance of the HVAC system to keep the equipment in top shape, consuming less energy and serving you longer.

Preventive maintenance:

This maintenance is performed in the spring season for the cooling systems and in the fall for heating systems. This service is needed to be performed by a professional and expert HVAC technician. Through preventive maintenance you can easily serve the purpose of tuning up your building’s HVAC system, which enables them to run more efficiently throughout the season. A lot of rectifications are done in order to make the working more effective and enhance future performance by preventing problems and break downs. Following things are included in these steps:

For outdoor components the maintenance of coils and cabinets is done. Drain pans and condensate lines are cleared of obstructions and the compressor is inspected thoroughly. Fan motor and blades are lubricated, the safety controls are inspected, and the refrigeration level is checked and recharged if necessary.

For indoor components blowers are thoroughly cleaned, belts get lubricated; the internal parts of the HVAC unit like Evaporator coil, drip pan, and condensate lines are cleaned and cleared. Along with this ignition system, heat exchanger, fuel system etc are checked and cleaned. Air filters are checked and replaced if required and the duct system is also cleaned.

HVAC maintenance in Dubai provided by BETAM gets priority from clients to get their equipment get rectified and maintained efficiently.


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