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Overview:  MEP contractors are responsible for providing reliable mechanical, electrical and plumbing services in their area. Construction of new buildings, roads, dams, repair and modification of the damaged ones is all that falls under civil construction and falls under MEP services. For the purpose of construction services of electrical contractors, remodeling contractors, mechanical contractors, plumbing contractors are required and plays a major role in the construction of a new building:

  • Mechanical works like laying pipelines and fixing mechanical fittings are dealt upon by the mechanical constructing companies.
  • Electrical works includes LV (Low Voltage) Panel, MDB (Main Distribution Board), SMDB (Sub Main Distribution Board), Distribution Boards, MCC (Motor Control Center) panels and more.
  • Plumbing service involves installation and maintenance of products including Water Pumps, Booster Pumps, Drainage Systems, Main Lines, Water Heaters, Man Holes, Gully Traps and all other internal plumbing works.

There is a swift increase in the demand of the MEP services in the market as a lot of new constructions are being undertaken continuously. As almost everyone is now aware of the importance of maintenance of building, therefore, they require a contractor that can provide them with  a solid plan of maintenance at the beginning phase of construction of building for certain purposes. Unwanted and unforeseen severe damage that can be caused to the building can take place anytime and such defects cause damages to building structure, furniture and equipment. All you can do is to call a building maintenance contractor if you found a water pipe leaking in the water pipe system or broken roof after a heavy storm, they have the best solutions to your repair problems that you can easily avail. We at, BETAM offer highly durable MEP services for your building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements. We take care of HVAC repairs, building MEP maintenance. This will enable you to relax and have some peace of mind knowing that the MEP maintenance of your building is in safe hands and that you have someone who will look out for you and your business needs.

BETAM is one of the leading MEP contracting companies in UAE and we are experienced in providing maintenance services to our clients. We make sure that all the projects are completed efficiently and effectively and on time.  We provide efficient MEP services to our clients and delivers impeccable results to the users.


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