Simplest Way to Maintain Chiller Efficiency

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Chiller installation in UAE is an important process as chillers used in large commercial buildings are normally an expensive equipment to acquire. They also consume more than 50% of the electrical energy during seasonal uses. Chiller installation is a crucial process because of its high purchase and installation cost as well as its energy consumption rate. The operational inefficiency of chillers leads to the wastage of money and other resources.

Chilled water system works by removing the heat inside the building and transferring it to the exteriors. Heat is first transferred in to the chilled water pipe, then to the evaporator side of the equipment and to the condenser side. It is an elaborate process of heat building before it is finally passed to the exteriors. The main purpose of the chiller systems is heat transfer and anything that hinders with this function of efficient heat transfer accounts to operational inefficiency.

Chiller efficiency can be maintained by keeping the components and tubes clean. The importance of cleaning the chiller water system shows how efficiently the system operates when kept in proper condition. Chiller tubes are not the only part of the chiller system that needs proper cleaning and maintenance. Routine cleaning will ensure the proper operation of the unit. Chiller water system consumes more than half of the energy bills of the building and to keep such expense in a controlled manner, it is important to keep the chillers running as efficiently as possible. Chiller maintenance includes cleaning of coils to remove the debris. The right equipment should be used to keep the chiller water system clean, efficiently working and cool.

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