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Overview:  Regardless of in which sector you’re, be it in contracting, designing, or building, working with a renowned MEP company assure of the fact that the construction or the renovation project of your building will be optimized and the operational costs will be reduced. A professional company will work as per the rules and regulations set by the competent authorities. A qualified MEP maintenance service provider will give successful combination of best MEP services and solutions to the building owners considering requirement and budget.

Let’s have a look at some of the impacts that a good MEP maintenance company like BETAM can have on a project related to construction and renovation:

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC):  An MEP Maintenance Company will ensure the proper designing and installation of HVAC equipment or under-floor air distribution to attain maximum efficiency, to deliver high occupant comfort, and also to meet the environment-friendly standards. Our maintenance services will allow you to conserve energy, and save money on repair costs.

Electricity and lighting:  A company providing MEP installation and maintenance will select systems and provide services for the equipment and automation techniques in such a way that there will be reduction in the utilization of electricity and lightning by up to 20-60%.

Plumbing:  It includes maintenance services for fire suppression, water pumps, sewer, booster pumps, main lines, water heaters, man holes and gully traps. An MEP maintenance company will ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of plumbing systems and equipment operating in a building, and can also help you to practice water conservation techniques and strategies to make you more eco-friendly and make your purchase cost-effective.

Energy conservation:  An MEP maintenance company will implement a number of energy conserving techniques and solutions that makes a building more sustainable. Hiring an MEP maintenance company that provide easy, affordable and eco-friendly solutions for building and renovation projects and utilize energy efficient sources that are renewable can lower or minimize the energy consumption cost.

Fire alarms and protection:  A well qualified MEP maintenance company will be well-acknowledged with the designing and implementation process of the fire suppression systems according the needs and requirements of the building. As it requires a lot of coordination while installing these fire systems as per the building code requirements, they are proficiently synced with fire and plumbing designs. BETAM uses non-potable water sources to heighten environmental efficiency.

Considering the above mentioned points BETAM with no doubt is considered as the Best MEP maintenance company in Dubai providing economical and environment-friendly MEP solutions.


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