What Is Included In An Energy Audit?

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It is very important to make an accurate assessment of a buildings’ energy efficiency. Energy consumption mostly accounts for one of the highest expense categories for any commercial building. Sometimes as much as one-third of the operating expenses! An ‘Energy Audit’ helps in an accurate assessment of the energy expenses and optimize the use of energy.

What is included in an Energy Audit?

  • Thorough Inspection of the building including the rooms, ceilings, walls, roof, ventilation system, skylights etc.
  • Maintenance of an account of everything in and outside a building structure that could possibly influence the consumption of energy.
  • Consideration of all factors – external and internal, their interaction with each other.
  • Identifying inefficiencies in the system, any air leakages, heat transmission, building structure (identifying how old it is) etc.
  • Identifying the climatic conditions in the location where the building is.
  • Identifying the energy consumption patterns and behavior of the occupants.

An assessment of the Energy Consumption patterns, the current expenses and the means of optimizing energy consumption are studied and shared with the occupants. Energy Audits are undertaken by Energy Audit companies in the UAE. They analyze and suggest means of reducing energy consumption and the associated expenses. They suggest cost-effective alternatives to the current inefficient patterns to maximize the benefits and minimize the expenses.

Benefits of an Energy Audit

It is highly recommended for all commercial organizations to get Energy Audits done by Energy Audit companies. Advantages are:

  • Optimal energy consumption
  • Reduced wastage of energy
  • Enhanced ROI and Operational Savings.
  • Risk reduction
  • Enhanced value of the building

What should be done after an Energy Audit?

The real benefits of an Energy Audit can be reaped only when the commercial establishment takes adequate steps to improve its energy consumption. The steps any organization should take after an audit are:

  • Change the aspects of the building that hamper or increase energy consumption.
  • Modify the habits of the occupants regarding energy consumption
  • Adapt the use of modern technology that controls energy consumption
  • Become as environmentally sustainable as possible.

BETAM is one of the leading energy audit companies in the UAE. It promises timely and highly specialized energy audits performed by a team of experts. We follow-up with our clients to ensure the implementation of our energy saving suggestions.


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