What does an MEP contractor takes care off?

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Overview: The popularity of MEP companies in Dubai has expanded by numerous scores because they deal with every aspect of the project. Now-a-days UAE is experiencing a construction boom with new industrial, commercial and residential projects being built at extremely fast rate.

In this situation, MEP section plays important role. One can completely rely on leading MEP companies in Dubai for guaranteed works like BETAM. We provide efficient MEP services to the clients as per their requirements.

An MEP service can be taken up during the time the building is being built, or at the time of maintenance of your building. An MEP contractor or service provides you with:

  • Manage your building systems: Your MEP contractor will include installation and maintenance of the building’s systems such as split units, building maintenance systems, management of water systems, etc. Every system is connected to centralized hardware and software networks that control the indoor and outdoor features in a building. If suppose your construction project requires HVAC commissioning then, MEP consultants will cover the entire procedure for the project.
  • Ensuring safety: The project should ensure proper safety procedures and the MEP contractor should be responsible for ensuring that work site remains safe for all employees and visitors.
  • Provide your building MEP facilities: The MEP services taken through MEP contractors in Dubai are one of the prime ones, as these contractors even provide you with outstanding and eminent electrical and plumbing services for the building.
  • Cautious about equipment: There are many MEP contractors in Dubai which offer you the service of installing HVAC products for your building. The HVAC products may include air cooled and water cooled chillers, etc.

Why to choose BETAM?

BETAM is an ISO certified company with over four decades of experience in offering MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) services.  All these services are provided by a team of experienced senior engineering personnel and technicians who offer top-notch services to many new and existing buildings in and around United Arab Emirates.

Our team sets us apart from our competitors and manages all safety issues, communication and engineering services. From planning to execution, our veteran team makes us the best of the best. Our mission is to foster a work environment that encourages integrity, creativity, continuous improvement and respect.


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