Responsibilities of MEP Contractor

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MEP refers to Mechanical, electrical and plumbing aspects in the design of a building and other constructions. These aspects, in commercial buildings, are generally designed by an engineering firm that specializes in MEP or in other words MEP Contractors. MEP contractors handle all the technical aspects that construction contractors do not have much knowledge about.

This aspect requires thorough understanding and knowledge. They combine technical knowledge in these fields with the management skills required for coordination of work of a lot of different employees.

Responsibilities of an MEP Contractor

Following are the responsibilities of MEP contractors in Dubai and all over the world:


  • Hiring: MEP contractors have a huge responsibility of hiring personnel including sub-contractors to work on MEP aspects of construction design. They have to make sure that the sub-contractors or the employees they hire are very well familiar with the technical aspects. For this MEP contractor needs to have a thorough knowledge of the construction firms and local professionals.
  • Advise: One of their key responsibility is to give advice on the design of the building or other construction projects keeping in mind the technical aspects. They advise the best and most efficient ways to reduce the technical cost of the construction project. Their advice is important as mechanical, electrical and plumbing is something that needs expert advice.
  • Budgeting: MEP contractors, once the design is finalized, are also responsible for budgeting aspect. They provide their estimation for only the technical aspect of materials, labor, miscellaneous expenses and their fees. After getting an estimate from them, the construction contractor further gives budget to the client.
  • Preparing technical documents: After everything is given a green flag and is finalized one of the responsibilities, which is a major one, of an MEP contractor, is to prepare all the technical documents- blueprints, various forms, and environmental statements to be submitted to various community groups, government agencies, contractors and clients. This is where everything comes on paper (or online these days).
  • Ensuring safety: The most important one is safety. MEP requires proper handling and usage of the tools, so it is the contractor’s responsibility to take care of safety at the site and workplace for both clients and employees. Even if there is a professional who has been given a charge for the safety of the project, MEP contractor has to be very careful.


Every MEP contractor should abide by his responsibilities and duties for the safety of the project, client, and his reputation. The above responsibilities are not only for MEP contractors in Dubai but for all irrespective of their location. BETAM in Dubai offers it top-notch building contracting and MEP services all over UAE. With many services, the BETAM is considered as one of the most trusted companies in UAE.


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